Come on ladieslets help each other out

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But we were disappointed to hear some of these comments from the respondents:. The lack of available female advisors for women in the workplace is not just about the s of women in the top ranks - although that certainly plays a key role. It also has a lot to do with attitude and approach of the few women who do stand among those ranks. Taking on this extra asment may seem overwhelming or onerous.

In my own career, I have been benefited dramatically from the women who have taken the time to give me advice and steer my career. And as a result, it has always been important to me to pay it forward by making time for anyone who seeks me out. When you are managing your own job and career as well as family, it can be difficult to take on this extra responsibility — but it is well worth it. So let this be a plea to women everywhere that the time and effort you put into helping other women along will make a difference your colleagues, to the company overall, and to the cause of gender equality.

Here are some ideas to help: 1. No time? Get Creative About Making it Work Recently, I chatted with a senior leader at a major consulting firm who had been overwhelmed by the of women coming to her for advice. Her solution? She organized happy hours where women could all have a chance to chat with each other, and with her as well. By reaching out and getting to know each other, we can help bring more women into the fold and increase their engagement and retention.

Set an Example When you are established at work, everything you do, say, and even wear is setting an example for those around you. If you choose to be positive, enthusiastic, and supportive of your peers, others will follow your lead.

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Set the tone that helping is each other is part of the company culture, and others will soon follow. Part of that also means setting boundaries. If you never leave your desk, how can any of the people around you? Have a Sense of Humor Be serious, intelligent and authoritative. But a little levity goes a long way when everyone is working hard in the trenches. If you can intersperse a little humor into the workday, everyone is grateful — and also happier to be there.

In competitive workplaces, there is always a temptation to try to project an air of infallibility. If every woman in the professional world took just one hour a week to help support other women in the organization, the positive effects could be dramatic and exponential. Do you have thoughts on how and whether women mentor or help each other at work?

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Come on ladieslets help each other out

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