Any college girls need help with christmas

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Deciding on Christmas gifts for college girl is not an easy feat. Let's be real, girls are never easy to shop for but it's especially hard to find the perfect present ideas for college girl. As a recent college graduate, I know these are the most popular asked Christmas gifts for college girl this year. If you buy one of these, it is almost guaranteed that they will love it! This post shows you 30 most popular Christmas gifts for college girl. Best Overall: Ugg Slippers.

I tell everyone I know to get them, they're that good! Best Value: Bluetooth Speaker. Plus, since it is waterproof I can take it to the pool with me which is really nice. Most Popular: Lululemon Leggings. They last forever and are sooo comfy. I wear them with everything and they look super cute. Best Customized: Initial Gold Necklace. I wear it with every day and get compliments on it all the time! UGG slippers are extremely popular Christmas gifts for college girl that will last you for years.

These are especially popular in dorms because you can wear them throughout the dorm hall and don't need to take them off. The UGG slippers are the best and will last forever. Hdryo Flask's are the "it" thing right now because they are cute but also keep water cold for days not an exaggeration-- I have one and love it. Is there a more comfy looking blanket?! I'm thinking no. You can't go wrong with a blanket as a Christmas gift, it is a hit for all kinds of people. Dorms and apartments have a history of being cold since no one wants to pay for a lot of heat.

A blanket is a must in the winter.

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This blanket comes in a variety of colors and sizes twin, queen, and king. Bluetooth headphones are a college essential and beloved item by many. Some of my college friends said that bluetooth headphones have been their favorite purchase of the year and that they didn't know how they lived without them before slightly dramatic, but you can clearly tell these are a hit.

The original Apple AirPods are the most popular wireless headphones for college students. They hold battery for a long time and don't break easily. Not only can it help you stay organized and on top of your work, the Apple Watch can also help look at your fitness and sleep patterns. This is a bigger gift, but one of the most wanted Christmas gifts for college girl. Looking for gifts for college students guys? Don't worry, this also comes in black and gray. You can never have enough Lululemon clothes and will be a hit no matter what the girl is like. Lululemon is by far the most popular workout brand for college students.

Over-sized hoodies are all the rage right now Any college girls need help with christmas who can complain. I am perfectly fine with comfy clothing becoming trendy! These hoodies are perfect to wear to classes with some Nike Air-Force 1's. A massage is something every college girl wants but usually can't afford, so surprise her with one on you! I recently saw a picture of a group of girls from my high school with their college friends and every single one had white sneakers on.

If you're in the North and the college student doesn't have a long winter jacket like one of these, you might as well plan their funeral. Okay, totally kidding. But seriously, a good jacket is so essential for anywhere that gets cold. This Christmas gift for college girl can be a little pricey, but they both last forever.

The go-to college pajamas is a large old t-shirt and a raggedy pair of shorts. Everyone could use a new set of pajamas and no one really thinks about buying themselves them which makes it the perfect gift. Putting stickers on your laptop is a very popular thing to do among college students. You can purchase all types of laptop stickers for really cheap on Amazon.

They even come in packs of one hundred. Dainty necklaces are a cute everyday accessory that college students can wear. These styles are very popular among students and is the perfect little accessory.

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There is two things college students are always dealing with: Always being on the go and their phone never charged. A portable phone charger is the perfect gift for college students and can easily fit in a backpack or purse. Don't think the college student will like this color? Don't worry, it also comes in black, red, and silver. Scrunchies are SO popular and the perfect way to snazzy up a normal pony tail. This 5-pack from Urban Outfitters is the most popular scrunchies pack. Casetify phone cases are extremely popular among college students.

They have all different des so they are perfect Christmas gifts for college girls. This eyeshadow palette is perfect for college students because it has colors for everyday wear and colors that can also be worn on a night out. Any beauty lover would love this palette. It's sold out so many places because of how popular it is! They have a few available left here.

Face masks are the closest thing college students will get to a spa. Believe me, this will be one of the best Christmas gifts for college girls. College apartment and dorm showers can be rough on the hair so anything that can tame it a little bit, is worth it. These silk pillowcases are known for helping keep hair from breaking and eliminating frizz.

Um, who wouldn't want this as a Christmas gift?! This robe is the perfect thing to throw on after a shower or getting ready before going out. Gift cards have always been and will always be the most wanted Christmas gift for college girl. The most popular gift cards among us college students are Amazon, Target, food places, and Gas gift cards.

I'm biased to Amazon because they offer SO many products. They can get everything from game day apparel to food and everything in between. Amazon gift cards can be purchased online.

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This JBL Flip 3 Splash-proof Portable Stereo is one of the most popular speakers because of how loud it can play, it won't break if drinks get spilled on it, and can easily fit in a purse or backpack to take somewhere. If the student you are gifting this too is a coffee or tea lover, this is a must. The Yeti Tumblr is truly the best insulated travel mug and keeps your drink hot all through the day. Plus, it doesn't spill which is very important. If you don't Any college girls need help with christmas white, there are 12 other colors to choose from.

Everyone wants Ray Ban sunglasses. You literally can't go wrong getting a pair of Ray Bans for a girl in college. I would say these are the most popular style Ray Ban for students but there are all different kinds of styles, so make sure to see which one you think they would like best!

You attach them to your keys and hook it up to an app on your phone. The app will tell you exactly where your keys are so you never misplace them. I always assumed they were much more than that. These are a little bigger so if the person you're buying for doesn't usually wear jewelry I would maybe stay away from this. I used mine everyday and still use it every single time I shower. You can find this towel wrap in all kinds of colors here.

You know Clarisonics? Well this is the new "IT" skin care cleaner. I do have to say, these are amazing and clean your face so well. These aren't cheap but they will last you a long time and come in many different colors! A personalized makeup bag is so nice to have in college because you are usually carting your makeup around to different places for parties or game days you are getting ready for.

To have a customized makeup bag that is clearly yours can make sure your stuff doesn't get lost. Simply click the button below and get all of these sent directly to your inbox. This post is all about gifts for teenage girls. No matter who you are, buying gifts for a teenager especially a girl can be hard.

Being a teenage girl not Continue Reading. Ugg Slippers. Hydro Flask. Barefoot Dreams Blanket. Apple Watch. Lululemon Workout Gear. Oversized Hoodies.

Any college girls need help with christmas

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37 Best Christmas Gifts for College Girls