Looking for a dwraf or a little person

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A year-old New Yorker with dwarfism secretly videotaped the way people treated him for a day. The were appalling. Thanks to one man, now anyone can see how hurtful, rude, and just plain annoying that fascination can be for people who actually have this condition.

With more than 1. In just one day, Novick caught several people snapping cellphone photos of him, and recorded even more people making rude and insensitive comments—some right to his face. Some prefer the term "little person," while others would rather use the word "dwarf," but both are generally considered inoffensive. The one word you should never, ever use: midget. As Jonathan mentions in the video, it's offensive and inaccurate.

The word actually traces back to the days of side shows in the s, when it was used to refer to short-statured performers for public amusement, according to the Little People of America. So no matter how you use it, "midget" will always be derogatory in nature. People tend to forget that dwarfs are, you know, actual human beings. You should also be mindful of how you address a person with dwarfism. Say you're at a business lunch: you probably wouldn't appreciate it if your client asked your colleague what you'd like to order rather than asking you directly.

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So if you ever find yourself at a table with a dwarf, you shouldn't do that to him or her, either. This is a common occurrence, Arnold says. Avoid acting like they can't handle themselves or make their own decisions. Thing is, just because they're both small in stature doesn't mean they're the same person.

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Plus, there's more than one type of dwarfism. Like Arnold, both Jonathan and Zach have achondroplasiawhich is one of the most common types and is characterized by an average-sized trunk, short arms and legs, short fingers, and a large head. Still, more than types of dwarfism exist. Some little people may never receive a definitive diagnosisaccording to the Little People of America. Bottom line: every little person is unique, just like everyone else.

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In Jonathan's video, strangers on the street and in a subway station casually snapped photos on their phones as he walked by. You surely wouldn't like having random pictures taken of you on the street, so it's best to avoid doing it to others just because they're small. Or for any other reason. And know that sometimes asking to take a picture with a little person can be offensive, too. Jonathan's secret camera recorded strangers yelling "short stuff" and "little midget" from afar.

A better idea: ask questions. At the end of the day, having a conversation with a little person about their condition directly will go over a lot better than calling things out at them. Better yet, you may just learn something new you didn't know before. By Rachel Swalin Updated August 21, Save Pin FB More. In case you couldn't tell from the video, here's what NOT to do around little people:. Close in.

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Looking for a dwraf or a little person

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5 Things You Should Never Say (or Do) to a Little Person