I want to meet a guy who s outgoing

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I could hear my housemates laughing and chatting downstairs. I wanted to reach out, to connect, but I felt paralyzed. While I was glad to be included, I still felt isolated. Socially, I was starting from scratch, and at the worst possible time. Everyone already had their friend groups, so why would they include a stranger like me? This negative self-talk kept me isolated for months. Meeting new people was a struggle, and it turned into a vicious cycle where my perceived inability to socialize became a real inability.

In short, I made a deliberate effort to improve my social skills.

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It covers a range of situations and behaviors far too vast to discuss in one article. What steps can you take today and over the next few months to start being more social? Here are some techniques that have worked well for me. You can blame at least some of the issues you have with being social on the tiny computer you carry in your pocket. Before cell phones and especially smartphonesyou had almost no choice but to talk to the people around you.

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Sure, you could bury your face in a novel or notepad, but both of these devices lacked the fluidity and easy access of a phone. Nowadays, however, almost everyone has their nose stuck in their phone. If you want to connect with people, however, you need to put away your phone.

It will seem awkward at first, maybe even painful. Putting away your phone sends a al that you want to talk, and it also makes you more likely to take in your surroundings including any potential conversation partners. Struggling with a phone addiction?

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These days, there are apps to deliver everything from groceries to toothpaste to tacos. While these digital services can help us save money and time, they can also isolate us from the real world and the people who inhabit it. Without regular human contact, your social skills can atrophy. And the above are just a few ideas. You can probably think of many more opportunities that relate to your hobbies and daily activities.

The point is to put yourself in contact with people or at least the potential for it. I love headphones just as much as the next person probably more, considering how much music I listen to. But while headphones can be an excellent tool for appreciating the nuances of a song or focusing on important workthey also isolate you from the world and others. Putting away the headphones or taking out the AirPods opens you up to more social interactions.

Your experience of the world will be richer overall. Looking for music to help focus on your work? Check out our study playlist. This is because these situations are too open-ended, too lacking in structure.

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To ease the pressure, I recommend finding social activities with structure. Here are a few ideas:. The goal is to find an activity that gives you the opportunity to talk but also something else to focus on when the conversation lulls. Body language says things words never could. Understanding how to read these cues and how to use them is key to improving your social skills. Inevitably, there will be awkward moments where you misinterpret the situation. Which brings me to my next piece of adviceā€¦. A lot of people myself included put undue pressure on themselves to avoid awkwardness.

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And this is the opposite of what you want. So instead, I suggest you embrace the awkwardness. As with any other skill, you can only improve your social skills with deliberate practice. So what are you supposed to talk about? But I can give you this piece of advice: ask questions. The key, however, is to ask open-ended questions. Or the difference between Where did you grow up? When you ask open-ended questions, you create the opportunity for dialogue.

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Plus, it takes a lot of pressure off of you. Asking open-ended questions is a great way to keep a conversation going, but be careful. If you ask too many questions, you can come off as robotic or distracted. But how do you listen? Effective listening is about more than just passively receiving information. This comes from affirmative statements, body language, and a healthy amount of silence. I still struggle with this, even when talking to close friends. You may be surprised how often it happens. Generally, being aware of this tendency is enough to improve it.

It can help you reign in your wandering mind and focus more on the present moment. Being funny is a great way to make friends. But not everyone is funny. At least, not everyone is funny all the time. Not everyone has that personality. Just be yourself. And as your confidence grows, socializing will become easier and even fun! You can start small, and you can still embrace the alone time you need as an introvert in fact, you neglect it at your peril. To get started, find a structured, enjoyable activity that lets you practice your social skills.

Try applying the tips on this list. Then, build up to less familiar social situations as your confidence increases. Image Credits: raising a toast. Eventually, slowly, I broke out of this cycle and made some friends I still have today. What changed? What Are Social Skills?

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For this reason, I encourage you to do more things in person. Here are a few ideas: Shop for groceries in person instead of online. Go out to eat instead of ordering delivery bonus points if you invite a friend or family member. See a movie at the theater instead of streaming it. Buy books at a local bookstore instead of on Amazon.

Take Off Your Headphones I love headphones just as much as the next person probably more, considering how much music I listen to. Find Structured Social Activities.

I want to meet a guy who s outgoing

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10 Ways to Improve Your Social Skills and Be More Outgoing