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The following news articles appeared on news media websites across Ohio today. Appearance on this website does not indicate endorsement by OSBA of any editorial or news item. OSBA does not filter the news, but simply posts educational news sent to us by pressrelations. Additionally, it provides a new link between Cleveland and its lakefront. We expect ificant positive economic impact for our community, along with improved health and well-being of those who choose to get out and enjoy them. The foot-long bridge extends over the Norfolk-Southern railroad tracks and provides a new link between downtown Cleveland and Cleveland Metroparks lakefront parks.

The bridge features a foot-wide deck providing a new trail connection for both pedestrians and bicyclists and improved access to Wendy Park, Whiskey Island, the former historic coast guard station and Edgewater Park.

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Prior to the new trail, walkers, joggers and cyclists traveling between Edgewater Park, Whiskey Island and Wendy Park were required to share a narrow stretch of roadway with blind turns, cars, buses, trucks, boat trailers and more. Robinson Engineering Co. Jesse Schenck and Makayla Lange after being presented with their awards. Lange has been involved in 4-H for 13 years, serving in many different club officer and committee roles at the club, county and state level.

Lange has had many service activities, including Toys for Tots, the Food Pantry for Pickaway County Veterans, other Green Hammerton lake ohio hotties and clothing drives for the homeless, the Angel Works Programs, Christmas gift bags for veterans and donating to the Commercial Point Free Store, among others.

In her application, Lange shared what 4-H means to her as she nears the end of her career. Lange plans to attend college this fall and become an engineer. I cannot think of another organization that gives young people a chance to grow through hard work and dedication and to pay off with the rewards and skills I have gained throughout my 4-H career. One thing is for sure — 4-H is a part of me now and it will remain a part of me as I finish high school and become a registered nurse.

As Ohio's Vax-a-Million lottery comes to an end, many are wondering if there will be more incentives in the future to encourage people to get the COVID vaccine. It was a popular question during Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine's press conference Thursday where he introduced the fifth and final winners of the Vax-a-Million lottery. Watch the full press conference in the video player above The governor noted that when asked if he had any regrets about the Vax-a-Million lottery he said he really doesn't.

He said there's a possibility of doing something a little different in the future. So that was something that has certainly been pointed out to us as a possibility as a way to potentially motivate people as well, so well see," DeWine said. As of Thursday, more than 5. The governor said the state is working with schools and organizations to make sure students in the age range have an opportunity to get a COVID vaccine before school begins.

So far,12 through year-olds have started the vaccination process in Ohio, DeWine said. The governor said he's been talking with people in the private sector and may come forward with additional incentives in the future so Ohioans should stay tuned. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear is holding Thursday afternoon press briefing, giving an update on a variety of issues including economic development, infrastructure and vaccine incentives.

Watch the press briefing in the video player above. Another 23, youngsters are entered for college scholarships, he said. Drawings will be July 1, July 29 and Aug. The issues back then were civil rights and the Green Hammerton lake ohio hotties in Vietnam. It was Moratorium Day, October 15, The war in Vietnam was becoming increasingly unpopular as approximately 45, U. Moratorium Day called on workers and students to walk off jobs and out of classrooms all across the country, to protest our involvement in the war.

The teenagers of our church youth group discussed what to do. Another pastor and I proposed a prayer service for that day at noon in my church, next to the high school, that students could attend on their lunch break. It was the only time in my tenure as pastor that not only was the church packed, but spilled out onto the steps, sidewalk and street! Afterward, several students began urging others to not return to school, but to engage in a protest march through town.

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We were concerned about the consequences of such an action for those who participated, as well as what it would mean for the churches and their pastors! Thinking quickly, we told the students that if they would return to class, we would organize and participate with them in a march that night. They agreed. The next step was a parade permit.

The mayor was at first reluctant, but when we assured him it was going to happen anyway, and that it would be better for the whole community to make it legal with police protection provided, he capitulated and the protest was permitted. That night, a hundred or so students from the four towns that fed the school district, marched down the main street of Lansford, Pennsylvania. Though the parade was not without its hecklers, the students remained peaceful, and the police did an exemplary job of safeguarding their young citizens. Green Hammerton lake ohio hotties all came to a close at the high school where the students standing on tiered steps, lighted candles in hand, observed a moment of silence for those who had lost their lives.

Looking all the time like a huge choir, they sang two songs, extinguished their candles and went home without incident. Long time passing…. Long time ago…. Young girls picked them every one. When will they ever learn? Gone for husbands every one…. Gone for soldiers every one; Gone to graveyards every one; Gone to flowers every one; When will they ever learn?

We shall overcome some day. Deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall overcome someday. Such music, like much music, brought these young people together Green Hammerton lake ohio hotties gave them hope and a hearing. It also made an older, often disapproving generation, not only proud of their kids, but in harmony with them, as well! This weekly column is provided to the News Journal on a monthly rotation basis by members of the Wilmington Area Ministerial Association.

That translates to about 0. The CDC itself has not estimated what percentage of hospitalizations and deaths are in fully vaccinated people, citing limitations in the data. Among them: Only about 45 states report breakthrough infections, and some are more aggressive than others in looking for such cases.

So the data probably understates such infections, CDC officials said. Still, the overall trend that emerges from the data echoes what many health care authorities are seeing around the country and what top experts are saying.

Deaths in the U. While vaccine remains scarce in much of the world, the U. He died June 4, infected and unvaccinated, after spending more than three weeks in the hospital, his lungs filling with fluid. He was unable to swallow because of a stroke. The preventable deaths will continue, experts predict, with unvaccinated pockets of the nation experiencing outbreaks in the fall and winter. Ali Mokdad, a professor of health metrics sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle, said modeling suggests the nation will hit 1, deaths per day again next year.

Asa Hutchinson tweeted as he urged people to get their shots. Mark Del Beccaro, who helps lead a vaccination outreach program in King County.

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In the St. Alex Garza, a hospital administrator who directs a metropolitan-area task force on the outbreak. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration this month began requiring health care employers, including hospitals and nursing homes, to provide such time off. But Michaels, who headed OSHA under President Barack Obama, said the agency should have gone further and applied the rule to meat and poultry plants and other food operations as well as other places with workers at risk.

Bagne, who lived alone, ran a business helping people incorporate their companies in Wyoming for the tax advantages. He was winding down the business, planning to retire, when he got sick, ing his sister in April about an illness that had left him dizzy and disoriented.

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The purpose of the funding is to create a consortium to increase the capacity of nonprofit organizations that provide workforce development opportunities for low-income residents, according to city documents. Partners so far include Flying High Inc. It also will develop a list of city high school graduates and the paths they took following high school, with a goal of connecting them to any post-secondary resources they need, she said.

It's been an opportunity to do some extra reading, and reflecting, and also observe other leadership at different levels, county state and national," program facilitator Leah Miller said. We like to bring in what's going on in the global part of our lives, as well as just locally.

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I'm interested in finding out what people learned and grown from in the past year". Miller said she feels this is an opportunity for businesses to find out if there are things they need to change, how they change and how they should go about it. Miller was part of the steering committee when she served as a Holmes County commissioner.

As an appointing body and person who served as a board member on several organizations, Miller was in a great position to help get the Leadership Holmes County program started.

Green Hammerton lake ohio hotties

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