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Christmas is family time, which is perhaps why so many Holiday movies are perfect for when the entire family wants to spend a couple of hours in front of a movie, the entire family can enjoy. That doesn’t mean there aren’t naughty Christmas movies too, even a Christmas Horror genre, but here we have selected a list of movies watchable for the entire family, movies that have made it on to Santa’s nice list:

Home Alone (1990)

Chris Columbus’s family friendly comedy has become a Holiday must in many families all over the world. The movie was the breakthrough of a young Macaulay Culkin, whose Kevin stole everyone’s heart. Left at home for Christmas, he singlehandledly takes on home intruders with an inventiveness that had both kids and adults cheering and which easily survives re-watches every Christmas.

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The Santa Clause (1994)

Tim Allen from TV-series Home Improvement, has had his biggest movie success so far, with this charming Christmas comedy about a reluctant Santa Claus. You put on the suit, you take the job. That is what Scott Calvin discovers, when he finds Santa Clause unconscious on his front yard in the beginning of the movie. What follows is a hilarious middle of Scott trying to fight against the Christmas magic, as he is slowly turned into the jolly fellow in red. A Christmas family classic, that has spawned two sequels.

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Elf (2003)

The Will Ferrell-starring Christmas comedy Elf, is a movie of a charm as innocent as the lead character. A human baby grows up among elfs and despite the huge difference in size, he believes himself one of them. When he discovers his dad is human, he decides to go to America to meet him. The result is a fish-out-of-water story that will light the Christmas cheers in most people or at least those, who have a heart.

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Fred Claus (2007)

As an interesting concept, Fred Claus looks into how it must be to be the sibling to the famous and beloved Santa Claus. Comedy star Vince Vaughn plays, Fred, the black sheep of the family, who has trouble living up to his good-hearted brother. Looking for a loan, Fred visits his brother at the North Pole. But Mrs. Claus has told Santa to stop giving Fred money and unable to say no to him, he instead lets him work for the money, helping the elfs prepare for Christmas. But the two brothers have different ways at looking at things and soon the music is playing loud at the North Pole.

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A Christmas Carol (2009)

Charles Dickens’s famous Christmas story is probably one of the most filmed Holiday stories and this animated version starring the voice of Jim Carrey, is one of the most kid friendly versions. Keeping the classic story it puts a somewhat modern twist on the classic tale with 3D computer animated motion-capture and Dickens story of redemption and emotional growth is timeless and fitting for the Holiday.

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