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Sometimes all the sentimentality and cheerfulness of Christmas can just be too much for you. Which is why, it is lucky someone has made several R-rated Christmas comedies, where your lust for inappropriate jokes and adult themes can be satisfied. We have gathered a list of five movies, that would definitely make in on to Santa’s naughty list!

Bad Santa (2003)

When it comes to bad santas, they don’t get much naughtier than Billy Bob Thornton’s Willie. More interested in the next drink and naked ladies than in kid’s wishes, he doesn’t exactly honor the red suit. Off course it doesn’t help, that the job as Santa is a cover for robbing the store. There is plenty of cursing, intercourse and grumpy remarks to satisfy anyone fed up with jolliness, despite the sentimental ending. The movie has grown extremely popular, leading to Thornton reprising the role in Bad Santa 2 (2016).

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The Ice Harvest (2005)

It seems Billy Bob Thornton has a knack for playing in R-rated Christmas movies. In this Christmas crime he is as mean as Willie but without the consciousness. Him and John Cusack’s associates trying to swindle money out of the local mob in the icy town of Kansas City just around the Holiday. A pretty lady interferes and everyone seems to be swindling everybody. This is perfect for anyone fed up with sentimentality, as it is more a crime movie happening to take place around Christmas as it is a Christmas movie.

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A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011)

When it comes to R-rated, Harold & Kumar has it all: violence, drugs, kids on drugs, sex, nudity, you name it! But the two pot-heads are charming and the jokes are funny and it even has Neil Patrick Harris playing, well, Neil Patrick Harris, that is if he was as womanizing as Barney and a mean bastard. The drug jokes and giant joints will amuse the youth but Harold & Kumar still bring plenty of Christmas cheer and is a surprisingly sweet Holiday movie.

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The Night Before (2015)

Seth Green, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie are searching for the ultimate Christmas party in this R-rated Christmas comedy. Their search takes them on an adventure in New York City and along the way they run into several amusing situations while pondering over the loss of their youth as they move into territories of more and more responsibilities. They all agree that this is the last year of their annual Christmas Eve reunion and is determined to finish of with the Holy Grail of Christmas parties. Now they only have to find this secret party.

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Office Christmas Party (2016)

It seems the set-up for R-rated Christmas movies in recent years is party time and here we get one hell of a party, when T. J. Miller’s manager throw’s the party of a lifetime, trying to attempt a possible client. With an ensemble comedy cast, this has plenty of laughs as well as a nice touch of the sweetness suitable for the Holiday.

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