Moviegeek5: “Silent” Horror Films



Silence is often a major factor in a suspenseful horror movie. Not in itself, but intense silence always begs the question of when and by what that silence will be broken. Sometimes, it just sounds cool in a title. We have selected five horror films below with “silent” titles. Let us know your favourite in the comments below and see how many others you can name!


Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

The first on our list is a cult classic from the weird subgenre, we might call holiday horror. The film is far from a master piece, or good for that matter, and sparked much controversy upon its release due to the main character being a psychotic killer who dresses as Santa Claus. The title is an obvious play on the title of the famed Christmas carol “Silent Night, Holy Night”; simple but effective. Watch it mostly as a curiosity.






The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Jonathan Demme’s adaptation of Thomas Harris’s gruesome novel is a master class in how to do a serial killer thriller. Arguably, one of the best of its kind, the film showcases the very real horror of bestial murders with memorable imaginrary and impeccable characterizations. The film is liftet further by its masterful performances, especially by sir Anthony Hopkins as former psychiatrist, now convicted cannibal, Hannibal Lecter, who offers his assistance in the FBI’s hunt for the serial killer known as Buffalo Bill. The film’s title is widely know, despite being a bit of an oddity, but its meaning plays wonderfully into the themes of the film.







Silent Hill (2006)

Few films based on computer games have been as effective in capturing the mood and atmosphere of the game as Silent Hill. The abandoned town with the seemingly innocent name, is anything but silent once things get going. It works both as a straight forward film, but on another level as well, with its sense of “level” like in a game and its sudden shifts from on “gaming” mode to another. Intense and brooding, Silent Hill, despite its (at least on the surface) pleasant name, is not a place to visit for the faint of heart.







Silent House (2011)

 If you think the Olsen sister is all about fashion and tabloids and have only seen little sister Elizabeth in the Avenger movies, then look no further to get proof of her great talent. Laura Lau and Chris Kentis’s remake of the Uruguauyan film La Casa Muda (2010) is tense and effectful but the best part is without doubt the leading lady. With her being in every shot the movie relies heavily on Olsen’s talent and boy, is she talented! Her fear seems genuine and she never gets boring watching. The movie has some effective twist and an ending that gives dept and importance to a story which is bound to linger for a while after watching it. 






The Silence (2019)

 Leonetti’s sci-fi horror followed a year were silent seemed to be ‘the thing’ when it came to horror movies. While rather mediocre it does not help at all, that it is hard not to compare it to the superior movies A Quiet Place (2018) and Bird Box (2018). But what it does have is strong performances from the cast with the excellent Stanley Tucci (The Lovely Bones, 2009) playing the father of Kiernan Shipka (mostly known for playing the new Sabrina the Teenage Witch). It is an interesting take to make the child of the family deaf, giving the entire family a benefit as they are used to communicate without sound and perhaps due to the talented cast the most interesting part is the relationship between the family members.






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