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Actor and director Ruben Pla has appeared in several horror films over the past decades, including Dementia (2015), Contracted (2013), and Broken Vows (2016). Pla has also written, directed, and produced two short and is the director of the upcoming documentary The Horror Crowd.

We have had the pleasure of asking Ruben Pla five questions about his work in horror movies.


The movie XX (2017) is promoted as a horror film with a feminine angle, being both written and directed by women. How do you think that showed?

XX had a clear feminine take on horror and was executed very well by the writers and the directors.




Which of the horror movies you have been involved in do you think is the most frightening.

Insidious (2010) is probably the most frightening horror movie I’ve been involved with. It captured a great sense of lingering terror. Its mood, performances, makeup, etc. were all top-notch.






What are you currently working on? Any interesting projects on the horizon?

I am currently directing THE HORROR CROWD, a documentary about the horror film industry and the filmmakers who create those movies. I’m deep into post-production.





Several horror movies are known for weird occurrences on set. Have you experienced anything weird while working on a horror movie? And how would you describe the mood on the set of a horror movie compared with other movies?

No weird events ever happened while I was working on a horror movie. As far as the mood on set, great care to safety is always present, given there are dangerous situations so often on horror sets, whether it be kills, stunts, etc.






Finally, what is you favourite horror movie and why?

My favorite horror movie of all time is actually a sci-fi film, Alien (1979). It was like a haunted house movie in space… The realism on all counts, acting, writing, directing, production design, was excellent.







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