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This October month we have chosen to put some focus on women in horror, here with the female star of a classic horror movie. Though she has mainly made a career in TV, you might recognize Jackie Joseph if you are a fan of horror comedies. In 1960 she played adorable Audrey who stole Seymour’s heart in the classic The Little Shop of Horrors. Sweet but simple, the beautiful Audrey not only inspires bravery in poor Seymour, she also has the murderous plant named after her. Joseph starred with Dick Miller in The Little Shop of Horrors and years later in 1984 she had a change to reunite with him in the succesful Gremlins where she played the wife to his Murray Futterman. We have had the pleasure of asking Jackie Joseph some questions:

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The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) is famous for its incredibly short shoot and small budget – how was that experience as an actor?

it was mind-boggling. It was a rush in two ways. Heady, just being in a movie… And hurry hurry hurry!!! as a young actor, one never dreamed of the after effect.


Have you seen the 1986 remake and what do you think of it?

I thought the musical version was supremely great on stage. I believe it was hard to capture the spirit in such a razzle dazzle film, but it was very very good.

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In both horror comedies you have starred in you have co-starred with Dick Miller, was that accidental and how did the two experiences differ?

Working with Dick Miller was always the same: wonderful and laid-back. I think that some producers and director were tickled to be working with people from the little shop.

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Gremlins 2 is the only sequel you have made, how was it returning to the same character after six years?

The character was very easy to return to.

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Do you have favourite of the two Gremlins films? 

I’d have to pick the new batch (Gremlins 2: The New Batch) as my favorite one. It was six weeks work as supposed to two nights.

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