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Most horror fans know that before Peter Jackson went all hobbit and made The Lord of the Rings trilogy, he was known for his DIY horror movies proving that a good film maker could make value horror with as good as no cost. But he isn’t the only out of New Zealand to create memorable horror movies, especially in the horror comedy genre and we have put together a list of five horror movies from the land down under. Enjoy!


Bad Taste (1987)

We can’t even think of making this list without adding Peter Jackson’s directorial debut and famous cult phenomena Bad Taste starring the director himself and a bunch of friends. Friends who have obviously enjoyed finding ways to gross everyone out, making it clear that the title simply refers to the special effects of the movie. A simple story, but still on that is executed so well and edited even better, showing great promise for Jackson, promise that he has more than fulfilled.

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The Frighteners (1996)

Yes, this is a second entry on the list by acclaimed director Peter Jackson. But there is almost a decade between the two movies who can hardly be more different approaches to the horror genre. Where Bad Taste tried to disgust us, The Frighteners is a more delicate approach mixing good-hearted humour in form of friendly ghosts working with the psychic Frank with chilling horror from the Grim Reaper entering the picture complicating everything. The movie saw Michael J. Fox working with darker material than what he normally worked with and doing a great job doing so. It is an at once chillingly good horror movie as well as a warm and fuzzy comedy and undoubtedly one that will survive and stay in people’s heart.

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Black Sheep (2006)

Jonathan King’s horror comedy Black Sheep came out of nowhere and took everyone by surprise. After all, who could have expected a movie about murderous zombie sheeps? Blending very dark humour with a B-movie attitude, the movie has understandable gained a cult following and is a must for anyone enjoying low-budget commercial horror.

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Last of the Living (2009)

Three couch potatoes against zombies. The concept is a brilliant set-up for a horror comedy but Logan McMillan doesn’t bring the full potential of the idea to screen. There is a change you haven’t hear of this low-budget horror comedy from down under, which may be one of the most interesting parts of it. While it does bring plenty of zombie kills and a cool car, it sadly lacks in comedy.

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What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

Taika Waititi is becoming quite a name after doing such a good job directing Thor: Ragnarok. But he should already have been a household name after creating this fabulous mockumentary with Jemaine Clement.  Following the life and struggles of a group of very different vampires, this brilliant horror comedy created laugh-out-loud moments as well as almost constant giggles with the help of excellent characters and quirky situations. Have you ever wondered how vampires dress without a mirror? Or how they deal with household problems? Look no further, the answers all here in one of the best horror comedies in recent years.

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